VIP Club


What is VIP club?

As its name suggests, VIP club is for Very Important Persons; it's for those who enjoy the screaming of women under harsh lashes of whip. Not many people, understand BDSM and out of those who enjoy it, a small number enjoy women's body only if it's covered with welts.
At Graias Studio, we realized that a lot of our viewers actually like intense BDSM videos. So we decided to create such videos and present them to a special group who love extreme BDSM, called VIP Club

Who can join the VIP club?

There are two main criteria for applicants to get considered for the VIP club:

  1. You need to love extreme BDSM videos. It means that you love watching women getting whipped and you enjoy listening to their screams
  2. You are able to pay for extreme BDSM videos either with crypto currencies or bank transfer
if you think you're eligible to join the VIP club, you can apply by clicking on this button:

How does the VIP club work?

VIP club is located on a secret webpage on the internet. In order to enter VIP club, you need a Max Key. which is a randomly generated string that looks like this:


Your Max Key is generated after your payment was approved by us and can be recharged every month. Remember that your key is personal and you should not share it with anyone. We are not responsible if you lose your key or forget it. So make sure to save it in a secure place.
Your Max Key is associated with your account on VIP club and you're responsible for any misuse of this key. By recharging your key, you increase your credit and you can get bonuses if you hold a high-credit key.

After you obtained your key, you can access the content specifically made for the VIP club and enjoy lots of privileges that comes with it. You'll find the most severe BDSM videos that you've ever seen on internet. Our sexy models will experience all sort of pain that you can imagine, on each part of their body that you want.

  • If you enjoy watching Master Lomp's bullwhip make the body of a young skinny model to look like a zebra,
  • If you like the impact of full-strength cane blows on BBW models with big tits and thick ass,
  • If you prefer to watch sexy girls, getting the nasty single-tail whip on their feet or pussy, or
  • If you're a fan of needles and looking for tutorial on how to sew the pussy lips of a bitch together
The VIP club is just for you! Start by clicking on the button below, to apply for joining the VIP club of Graias Studio.

How is this possible?

We are looking 24/7, in all over the world, to find the real masochist models who enjoy pain more than any other thing in the world. The only way that these women can have an orgasm, is through unbearable pain of beatings and torture.
We guarantee that all of our scenes are 100% consensual, and we discuss each scene in details with the models before shooting, so we can provide a safe experience for them as well as a authentic video for you!

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